Herbal Therapies & More

Promote healing with herbs and plants.

We use herbal therapy, homeopathics and flower essences, and essential oils as a form of holistic treatment, they have been used for thousands of years.

Herbal therapy involves relying on the therapeutic properties of various herbs and plants to promote healing.  While most often encapsulated in a pill, herbs can be used in oils, tinctures, granular extracts, lotions, and creams. The herbs can either be used alone or as part of a formula. 

When treatment is successful, herbal therapy can:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Support the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve blood flow
  • Promote the aging of cancer cells
  • Eliminate the need for medication 

As with any kind of veterinary treatment, you should never begin treatment without a diagnosis. Treatment recommendations can be made by one of our veterinarians who will then oversee your pet’s individual case. 

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for pet herbal therapy, call us at (704) 542-2000 or request an appointment online.

Herbal Therapies